More than 100 million tons of clothing are discarded each year in Japan and 90% of these have been incinerated.

To stop this waste, bring us your old clothes and children’s clothes that no longer fit and we’ll turn “Your unwanted clothes into earth’s good fortune” through the BRING PROJECT that we’ve implemented.

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We collect consumer clothes in retail stores.

In our BRING PROJECT, we collect used clothes from customers at clothing store counters. The clothes then go to a sorting center where they are sorted as either reusable or for recycling.

People generally throw out unwanted clothes as waste and it is to prevent this waste that we operate the BRING PROJECT.

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The PLA-PLUS PROJECT is a field test where plastic products, such as toys and stationery, are recycled with the cooperation of various industries and people.
With “Plastic products as earth’s positive” as a slogan, plastic products are collected from customers at supermarkets, clothing stores, electronic stores, and other commercial facilities. We then consider how we can recycle the products.

PLA-PLUS PROJECT is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

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We are looking for companies that require support for collection in retail stores to join our PLA-PLUS project.
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GO! DeLorean Project. (Past Project)

And now this is a reality. Used clothing, collected from participating stores, was recycled to generate bio-ethanol that was used as the energy to run the real DeLorean car.

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You can use DeLorean that was shown in the movie.

We are lending the DeLorean that ran on that day for various events. Please contact us for more information.

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