“Circulate Everything”

“Circulate Everything” means taking used or unwanted personal belongings and bringing them back to their original state and then selling them as a new product. By doing this we help to protect our world by reducing the use of petroleum and energy and this will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases.

Fundamental to our core ethos is our invitation to consumers to engage with us on this journey in protecting our beautiful planet. We offer consumers the opportunity to satisfy their feeling of – “I want to contribute something to the environment” by combining fun, entertainment and circulation.

We are constantly investing in human resources and development of more efficient technologies to ensure we produce excellent innovative products that consumers want from the material collected by circulation.

Our aim to “Circulate Everything” means: the world benefits – consumers benefit – the company benefits.



In order to circulate everything, we have developed a pathway of engagement with the consumer. We have established collection points to collect recyclable materials which accumulate in daily households’ activities. Then, the recycled products that we have produced from this material are sold at daily activity centers.

To reach our goal to circulate everything, it is necessary to build a new supply chain within the waste disposal industry. To do this we build cooperative relationships with various stakeholders, such as businesses partners – that make up the current supply chain, administrative agencies and non-profit-organizations (NPOs). This cooperation requires building new relationships and adjustment of traditional interests.