Tuesday August 12th, 2008

Information on Newspaper Article

On August 28th 2008, the Japanese daily industry newspaper published an article about JEPLAN.

Sunday July 20th, 2008

TV broadcast

On 20th of June 2008, the TV program "SUPER NEWS WEEKEND"(17:30~17:57) on Fuji television presented JEPLAN

Tuesday July 8th, 2008

Notice on TV broadcast

On 8th of July 2008, the TV program "World Business Satellite"(23:30~24:30)(topic:「Bioethanol not competeting with food」)presented JEPLAN and its company structures.

Wednesday June 18th, 2008

Notice on newspaper article about JEPLAN

2008年6月18日日刊工業新聞14版第一面「原料に綿繊維廃棄物 バイオエタノール生産 -日本環境設計と阪大が新技術」にて弊社の取り組みが掲載されました。