Friday November 11th, 2011

JEPLAN article at INDUST Magazine

INDUST No.289 November edition 2011 "Development of the vein industry in Asia"
Title: Establishment of small mobile phone recycling companies
Author: Michihiko Iwamoto

Monday November 7th, 2011

Article about JEPLAN will be published at Science Window

The magazine Science Window, which is owned and operated by the Science and Technology Agency will publish an article about our current projects and events.
The magazine will be distribute 80.000 copies to elementary, junior and high schools across the country for educational purpose.

Monday November 7th, 2011

JEPLAN employees mentioned at Benesse Corporation “Ecosta”

JEPLANs employees were introduced at Benesse Corporation "Ecosta High School Student Environment Laboratory" at the section: Enviromental work for the future.

Monday November 7th, 2011

NHK Student Course presents JEPLAN and it’s work for the environment

NHK Student Course/ House comprehension
Nr. 27 Eco fashion saves the planet~life cycle and environmental problems
Broadcast: 18th of November 2011 (Fri) 14:20~14:40 (NHK education program)

Monday November 7th, 2011

Benesse Cooperation 5th grade challange presents our company

Challange 5th grade students, Future! Discovery book(1st of November 2011)
The development of JEPLAN from a small cotton recycling company to the venture company today is visualized in a Japanese comic.

Friday September 9th, 2011

Article about FUKU-FUKU Project published in AneCan magazine

The magazine AneCan published an article about the cooperation between JEPLAN and the company JINS. The article informs about the glasses recovery/recycling program and was published in the 9th edition of 2011.
「AneCan」 2011年9月号 小学館 発行

Friday September 9th, 2011

The work and vision of JEPLAN presented at SOTOKOTO magazine

The japanese magazine SOTOKOTO published an article about JEPLAN and its work/vision in the section "Small informs". The article can be found in the edition of October, 2011.
ソトコト2011年10月号 別冊付録チビコト 木楽舎 発行

Monday August 29th, 2011

Article about JEPLAN was published in SankeiBiz magazine

The newspaper magazine SankeiBiz published an article about JEPLAN with the headline: JEPLAN: Resource recovery in different industries and households.

Monday August 29th, 2011

“Mining bioethanol from waste”

Report about our project was published in web media "" in the United Kingdom. "Mining bioethanol from waste"

Friday August 26th, 2011

Asahi shinbun “HITO” publishes artcle about Masaki Takao and his vision

On the 6th of February, the Newspapermagazine Asahi published an article about director Masaki Takao in the "Hito (translated Person) section:
朝日新聞 「ひと」 2011年08月26日

Tuesday August 23rd, 2011

The Mobile phone recycling project in India was presented in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun published an article about our mobile phone recycling project in India. The article was published in the daily paper edition of the 23rd of August, 2011.

Friday June 24th, 2011

FUKU-FUKU project was presented at the magazine “JAPAN FOR SUSTAINABILITY”

The magazine "JAPAN FOR SUSTAINABILITY" published the article "[NEWSLETTER] The venture company which aims for a circular economy" and presented the FUKU FUKU Project in detail.

Further information here:

Saturday June 4th, 2011

FUKU FUKU Project was presented in JR GAZETTE Magazine

FUKU-FUKU Project was presented in an article published in the JR GAZETTE Magazine.
JR GAZETTE No.291 JUNE 2011 

Friday March 25th, 2011

Information on Magazine article

A interview of our director and CEO Iwamoto Michihiko was published in the "Research Carrier support magazine Incu-Be", in the edition of 15th March, 2015.