Closed loop. Technology to make clothes from clothes.

Closed loop
“Technology to make clothes from clothes.”

Polyester fiber is used for producing about 60 percent (approximately 40 million tons) of clothing annually and much of the fiber’s raw material is derived from petroleum resources. We begin the recycling process by dissolving polyester fiber in the clothing which we then purify. We have developed technology to produce a polyester resin that is used again as raw material for polyester fiber.

Technology of Polyester Recycle

In this technology of chemical recycling, BHET, the (polyester monomer), is produced by depolymerization of the polyester in ethylene glycol solution, then BHET is purified and various impurities are removed. The purified BHET is then further polymerized to obtain polyester resin.

In general, clothing is not 100% polyester fiber but is also a blend of other fibers such as cotton fibers. In order to depolymerize polyester, we need to remove the blended materials and buttons and zippers that we also recycle

Polyester Recycle Flow

Plant construction in Kitakyushu Hibikinada

Current status of the factory construction is published here

This video shows the technology of our subsidiary company, PET Refine Technology.