Wednesday August 26th, 2015

“Back to the Future” 30th Anniersary “FUKU-FUKU Project × Back to the Future GO!De Lorean Driving Project”

30th anniversary of BACK TO THE FUTURE: let's run the DeLorean with recycled clothing
In order to celebrate 30 years of the legendary car that runs on fuel produced from recycled garbage, JEPLAN INC. (Location: Chiyoda City, Tokyo Kasumigaseki under the Chief Executive Officer: IWAMOTO Michihiko, JEPLAN, INC.) will organize a “FUKU-FUKU × BTTF GO! De Lorean driving project” in cooperation with NBC Universal Entertainment Japan LLC (Location: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Atago under the Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer and President: Takagi gym).
This project is based on the scene of “Back to the Future part 2”, where the DeLorean traveled to the future, exactly to the day of October 21, 2015. By using our unique chemical recycling technology, we will be able to produce Bioethanol out of collected clothes. We will This concept is similar to

In order to make fuel to run De Lorean, JEPLAN will collect clothes under waste clothes management, textile recycling project “FUKU-FUKU” and undertake recycling of the clothes which are no longer use from 1 September
In order to run De Lorean on 21 October, collection campaign calling for the collection of clothes to be conducted all over japan. *schedule will be announced later
In addition, individuals and companies, we also recruiting supporters to take any clothing and textile product collection. details will be described later

JEPLAN, C.E.O. IWAMOTO, Michihiko,“the things which are of no use are turned into resources and this energy will be used to run De Lorean is the future Technology”. This system is established to make that movie scene reality on same date October 21, 2015 as shown in movie. In response to behavior of consumers we also want to recycle in the future. We will continue to promote the collection and recycling project in conjunction with various companies

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