Wednesday October 14th, 2015

“Back to the Future Trilogy 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” release memorial celebration

The legendary scene, where the DeLorean travels to October 21th, 2015 exactly to 16:29 is becoming reality, right next week!
We want to celebrate it by organizing an DeLorean running event in collaboration with NBC Universal Studios.
We will collect old unwanted clothing from customers to recycle it, turn it into bio ethanol to fuel the DeLorean. Like in the original movie, the car drive with help of trash, but only with old clothing this time.
We are planning to start the running event exactly at 16:29 when the DeLorean arrives to the year 2015 in the movie.
This running event takes place exactly 30 years after the first part of “BTTF” was published, and together with this event, the 4 sets of Blu-ray BOX / DVD-BOX "Back to the Future Trilogy 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition "with all three trilogies and bonus discs containing more than 2 hours of new footage will be out for sale.
Furthermore, there will be two celebrity guests at the Event too. First, we will have the famous Baseball Player Masa Yamamoto at the event and in addition, his good friend and Baseball player Takeshi Yamasaki will join him.
The two will take a drive in the DeLorean which was also involved in the movie filming.

【Event Summary】 ※ Participation is free
Event title: "Back to the future" 30th anniversary FUKU-FUKU × BTTF GO! DeLorean running event
Date: October 21 (Wednesday) Opening: 15: 30 ※ This event is free to participate Launch: 16: 00
Venue: Aqua City Odaiba Rooftop Parking Lot (Minato-ku 1 - chome 1 - chome 7 - 1)
Guest: Masamasa Yamamoto (Chunichi Dragons), Takeshi Yamazaki (baseball commentator)
MC: Kun Amura (film critic)
Organized by: FUKU-FUKU × BTTF GO! DeLorean Traveling Project Executive Committee (JEPLAN Co., Ltd., NBC Universal Entertainment Japan)
Sponsor: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo, Saitama City, Chiba City, Kawasaki City, Kyoto City

Event participation method ( general customer )
Please come to the venue at 15:30 on the day. You can not enter after 16:00.
General customers do not need to apply. For details, please check the following URL: Event participation method (mass communication)
Please fill out the forum below: