Tuesday December 1st, 2015

“FUKU-FUKU × BTTF GO! DeLorean Mileage Project” presented in the channel “Movie Plus”

The "FUKU-FUKU × BTTF GO! DeLorean Mileage Project" will be introduced in a special program of the movie channel "Movie Plus".
The special program is called “The future that the “Back to the future” has created”.
They will manly focus on the show off event of the DeLorean which took place, but they will also inform about our company and projects.

■ Movie Plus Special Feature "The Future that "Back to the Future " has created"
■ Date and time of broadcasting:
Initial broadcasting: Monday December 7 (Monday) 15:45
Repeat: December 13th (Sunday) Next 3:45
Saturday, December 19th 5:45
Friday 25th December (Fri) 13:15
December 28 (Mon) 5:30
Program website (Only available in Japanese):