Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Consumer Participation in recycling event

Tokyo Metropolitan Government has demanded a “Participation of everyone” towards a recycling orientated society. Due to this we are planning to organize an [FUKU-FUKU PLA PLUS Event] in Odaiba city.
JEPLAN was chosen to participate in one of the six model projects “sustainable resource utilization”, promoted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
This project called “ Everyone is participating”, a model project in cooperation with Tokyo government and 6 other companies based in the Minto-ku area, has the aim for a more sophisticated recycling-oriented society.
On Sunday, December 26th (Saturday) and 27th (Sunday) related events of the model project will be held at the main venue of the Aqua City Odaiba 6F "Mamatoko" space.
We will make sure that the people can participate at our project and learn something about our vision of a circular economy.

■ FUKU - FUKU PLA - PLUS in Odaiba User Participatory Recycling Event
Date:26th and 27th of December,2015 10:00~17:00
Location: Aqua City, Odaiba 6F Mamakoto(Main Venue)
Participants:Everybody can participate but content is mainly targeted to children

Participation fee: Free For further information, click on the link below (Only available in Japanese):