Thursday May 26th, 2016

Let’s collect and manufacture sportswear together. Let’s turn old unwanted clothing into new sportswear! On May 29. (Sun) at the Fronters Baseball home game, we will organize an event, where the DeLorean will drive with bio ethanol based fuel, made out of old clothing

JEPLAN is planning to implement a project named “The action and legacy to Collect together and manufacture together”. This project includes the collection and recycling of old and unwanted clothing in order to produce new sportswear. As part of this action and legacy, we will organize an event at the Fronters Game on May 29, where we show off the DeLorean and let him drive at the Front Park outside the stadium with ethanol based fuel made out of recycled clothing. The running event will be starting at the Halftime of the game.

Looking forward to 2020, the aim of this event is to promote and realize the vision of the Circular Economy, a system where we recycle materials which are no longer needed with our technology and then distribute it back to the world.

■「F Circuit in equal power」
・Date and duration: May 29th (Sun) 15:30~18:30
・Location:Equal Force Athletic Field Stadium Outside Plaza「Frontpark」
・Photo shooting time DeLorean :①15:30 ②16:00 ③16:30 ④17:00 ⑤17:30 ⑥18:00
※If you want to take part at the photo shoot, please inform yourself at the website of Kawasaki Frontpark

Kawasaki Frontpark [F circuit in equal power]

For further information, click on the link below: (Only available in Japanese)