Friday September 2nd, 2016

[“Grab the world” Project 2016] with the Ministry of Economy and Trade will affect our business

As a result of the primary and secondary review, we have decided to adopt our business model in Bangladesh in cooperation with the ministry of economy and trade.
We will optimize our project of E-waste recycling in Bangladesh which is in work since 2014.

■About [“Grab the world” project 2016]
The project which is subsidized by the METI, includes establishing small and medium scale Japanese companies in emerging countries, which develop their products and services abroad to help solve local social problems.
■About adopted "Bangladesh E-waste Recycling Project"
The Bangladesh “E-waste Recycling Project” was first established in 2014, with the aim to commercialize the E-waste recycling business occurring in Bangladesh. In general, it was a promotion for expansion of the recycling business and it is also a publicly recruited project.

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