Monday October 17th, 2016

Implementation of “ECOFF” recycling campaign at 9 stores of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya shopping malls

This summer the FUKU-FUKU project will collaborate again with ECOFF to organize a collection campaign for old clothing, shoes and bags at 9 shopping malls of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya. The collected clothing will be recycled with our technology to produce bioethanol.

■“ECOFF” recycling campaign information
・Collecting goods: clothing, shoes and bags
※(The clothes must be washed before bringing them)
・Not recyclable: Carry cases and suitcases, underwear
・The number of the clothing that can be donated will be limited to 15 pieces a person.
・Implementation Period: October 26th to November 6th (Please refer to the news release for recovery periods at stores and each store)

For details, click the link below:
(Only available in Japanese) 日本環境設計リリース)FUKU-FUKUプロジェクト×大丸・松坂屋エコフリサイクルキャンペーン_20161017