Friday June 23rd, 2017

Umbrella with permutable fabric [+TIC BRING limited edition]

JEPLAN developed an umbrella, where it’s possible to change the fabric on top, in case the fabric is damaged, or you just want another colour : +TIC BRING limited edition. It will be available in the BRING project online shop( on June 24th after 10 o’clock.

CAETLA ( Caetla ltd. , Location: Tokyo, Representative: Yamamoto Takeshi ) has introduced a special umbrella with the brand name [+TIC]. The umbrella is much better than an ordinary one, it is resistant to strong winds and also rust. In collaboration with [+TIC] we have developed an umbrella fabric called [+TIC BRING limited edition], which contains polyester that can be recycled and turned into for example a new umbrella.

Sales information
Available at:BRING Project Onlineshop
Publication date: 2017/6/2 (Sat.) 10:00 AM
Price: 4,300\ (Tax. Included)
Available colours: navy, olive green, real blue, passion pink, cherry orange
Colours may differ slightly from expectation

For more information, please read this article (only available in Japanese):
日本環境設計リリース)「+TIC BRING limited edition」販売のお知らせ_20170626