French outdoor wear brand PICTURE will be holding a BRING at 10 stores in France.

JEPLAN, Inc.(President and Representative Director: Masaki Takao; Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is collaborating with PICTURE, an outdoor wear brand from France, to implement BRING, at 10 PICTURE stores in France for a limited time.

PICTURE is an eco-friendly brand from France that uses eco-friendly materials such as recycled, organic and plant-based materials in all its products. BRING will be held at 10 PICTURE stores in France for one month from January 21. Special collection boxes with the double names of PICTURE and BRING will be set up at the stores to collect the clothes that are no longer being worn, and the response from French consumers and the recyclability of the materials collected will be investigated.

For details, please refer to the news release below.
Notice of BRING at PICTURE in France

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