Our Business

At JEPLAN Group, we are committed to realizing our Mission of “We circulate our world.”
We are actively working to strengthen relations with our domestic/overseas partners to lead efforts towards achieving a circular economy.

We will utilize our proprietary PET chemical recycling technology to conduct product manufacturing, business development,
and technology licensing and promote circulation of our globe’s limited resources and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

  • Commercial Plant Business

    Commercial Plant Business

    We circulate all PET to be sustainable

    We operate a chemical recycling plant that processes waste PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) using proprietary technology, producing recycled PET resin from discarded clothing and PET bottles.

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  • Technology Lisencing Business

    Technology Lisencing Business

    Achieving Circular Economy through Licensing Proprietary Technologies

    The JEPLAN Group is actively engaged in joint development and business partnerships to realize its Mission of “We circulate our world.”

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  • Apparel Business

    BRING Business

    Apparel Business

    BRING Business


    The fashion industry generates 92 million tons of waste annually across the globe. BRING collects discarded clothing waste and recycles polyester within them to turn back into raw polyester materials, regenerating waste into raw materials for items like clothing once again.

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  • Bottle Business

    BRING Business

    Bottle Business

    BRING Business


    We collect used PET bottles and recycle them back into PET bottles. The JEPLAN Group is dedicated to “Bottle-to-Bottle” resource circulation.

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