Company name
CEO Masaki Takao
January 2007
6,230 million yen (including capital reserve)
Tel. & Fax.
Tel. +81 44-223-7898
Fax. +81 50-3737-3463
Company Address
Corporate headquarters: 12-2 Ogimachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa 210-0867, Japan
Kitakyushu Hibikinada Plant: Hibikimachi 1-120-6, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, 808-0021 Japan
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  • Michihiko Iwamoto
    CO-FOUNDER Michihiko Iwamoto

    Iwamoto holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Kitakyushu and has over 20 years’ of sales and marketing experience in the textile trading industry. He worked to establish the textile recycling system by collaborating with government, retailers, and trading companies. He then founded JEPLAN with a vision to realize a society where everything will be circulated with economic efficiency. Under his leadership as CEO of JEPLAN, the company has achieved nine consecutive years of profitability. Iwamoto published his first book “Business for creating ‘future without waste’” (in Japanese) and gave a presentation in Ted Haneda in 2015. He was appointed as the fifth Japanese Ashoka fellow in 2015.

  • Masaki Takao
    CEO & CO-FOUNDER Masaki Takao

    Born in 1980 and graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering in 2004. He then studied Technology Management for Innovation at the University of Tokyo and left school in order to establish JEPLAN in January 2007. He became a vice president and he’s been leading development of technology for the company’s fiber recycling business including the development of technology of cotton into bio-ethanol. As the company starts focus on the recycle of polyester, he became in charge of the development of polyester recycling technology and led a construction of our Kitakyushu Hibikinada Plant with our patented chemical recycling technology in 2015. He took over a role as CEO in March of 2016 and since then he has led an acquisition of Pet Refine Technology in 2018, as well as capital alliances with partners.

  • Masayuki Fujii
    Director Masayuki Fujii

    Born in 1966, he graduated from Doshisha University in March 1990 with a degree in economics. At Megafusion (now known as MegaChips) , he became an executive officer in charge of IR and finance. Concurrently serves as Executive Officer of MegaChips, in charge of business restructuring. Later, he transferred to MegaChips and became a director at the same time. He has dealt with a number of legal amendments and mergers and acquisitions, and was appointed senior managing director of MegaChips in 2012. Appointed as Director and General Manager of the Administration Department of the Company.

  • Makoto Tamura
    Director (Outside) Makoto Tamura

    He was born in 1966. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, he worked in the Corporate Finance Department of Nomura Securities before becoming a director of the Company in September 2015. He assumed the position. In addition, he serves as the representative director of Shijo Corporation and director of Cado Co.

  • Tsubasa Kurose
    Director (Outside) Tsubasa Kurose

    He was born in 1980. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Hosei University in 2002, he worked in travel agencies, venture capitalists and IT companies. He joined iRidge Inc. in 2011 and after working in venture capital and consulting companies where he served as a director until 2018. He was appointed a director in November 2018. He is currently the President of AGARU Corporation.

  • Hiroshi Arai
    Auditor (Full-time) Hiroshi Arai

    Born in 1983. After graduating from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law, he joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon & Co. in December 2006 (currently EY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC). corporation).In March 2019, he opened the office of Keiji Arai, CPA and was appointed as an auditor of the Company.

  • Isao Tsubaki
    Auditor (Part-time) Isao Tsubaki

    He was born in 1948. After graduating from Chuo University, he registered as a certified public accountant in 1978, and in 1986, he became the president of CPA Office he founded. As a certified public accountant in 1988, he established Tsubaki Sogo Co. in 1999. He founded the Management Research Institute and became its representative director; he was appointed as the Company’s auditor in March 2016. In addition to the Company, he has served as an officer at nine other companies.

  • Yoshito Fujikawa
    Auditor (Part-time) Yoshito Fujikawa

    Born in 1970. Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Law and Kyoto Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Biology Kyoto Institute of Technology. He belongs to Yodoyabashi and Yamagami Law Offices (Osaka Bar Association). His practice focuses on corporate law, including intellectual property law and corporate governance.