We will participate in “STARTUP_STATION in Shinagawa Station” organized by JR East Japan Startup.

JEPLAN, Inc. (CEO: Masaki Takao; Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will work with JR East Group to develop a collaborative plan at STARTUP_STATION in Shinagawa Station, which won the "Excellence Award" in the "JR East Startup Program 2019" jointly sponsored by East Japan Railway Company and JR East Startup Company.
At STARTUP_STATION in Shinagawa Station, which will be held from Monday, February 17 to Sunday, February 23, we will sell T-shirts in collaboration with Heralbony, the winner of the Audience Award in the JR East Startup Program 2019, as well as unveil for the first time a diorama of the new station, Takanawa Gateway Station, made with sustainable nanoblock®. During the event, consumers are encouraged to bring their old clothes for recycling so they can get a discount for a new T-shirt recycled through BRING.

■Overview of "STARTUP_STATION in Shinagawa Station
☝Heralbony x BRING Collaboration T-shirt for sale
BRING T-shirts were sold in collaboration with Heralbony, a welfare experimental unit that sells products that use art drawn by people with intellectual disabilities. A portion of the proceeds will go back to artists.
Price: 2,500 yen (tax included) *2,000 yen (tax included) for BRING collection participants only

☝Takanawa Gateway Station diorama made of Sustainable nanoblock® is open to the public!
The diorama of the new station, Takanawa Gateway Station, was completed using sustainable nanoblocks® made by recycling Happy Meal toys collected at McDonald’s shops through the recycling project of McDonald's Japan, which we support as a recycling partner for years. This is a limited release!
*Nanoblock® is a super mini-sized block born in Japan by Kawada Co.

Date and time: February 17 (Monday) - February 23 (Sunday), 12:00 - 20:00 *On the 17th, 14:00 -
Venue: Event Space in JR Shinagawa Station Central Gate
Organizer: JR East Japan Startup Co.
Admission: Free
(Please purchase a ticket that includes the section of JR East Shinagawa Station or an admission ticket [140 yen] for admission at the ticket gates.
The content of the event is subject to change without notice.

For details, please refer to the news release below.
STARTUP_STATION in Shinagawa Station