JEPLAN,INC and Tobetsu Town, Hokkaido Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement signed to regional “bottle to bottle” recycling of used PET bottles

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JEPLAN, INC. (Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao; hereinafter “JEPLAN”) and Tobetsu town, Hokkaido (Mayor: Masahiro Goto) is announcing signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement on Tuesday, October 3, 2010, with the aim of contributing to collaboration of regional "bottle to bottle" recycling.

Tobetsu town has declared itself a zero-carbon city, aiming to achieve virtually zero emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO₂ by 2050, which is considered a cause of global warming, and is working to realize a decarbonized society. With the conclusion of this agreement, both parties will make effective use of their respective human and material resources to promote both local environmental conservation and local economic and social revitalization by promoting recycling and fostering momentum to change consumption behavior and promote collaboration in the promotion of bottle-to-bottle recycling of used PET bottles and environmental education and awareness activities for the public. We will continue to promote environmental education and awareness-raising activities for citizens.

In the bottle-to-bottle recycling process, used PET bottles collected by Tobetsu town are recycled into raw materials of the same quality as petroleum-based PET resin using proprietary chemical recycling technology by PET REFINE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (President and CEO: Daigo Iga, JEPLAN group company). This recycling of PET bottles allows us to reuse limited resources, reduce the use of new petroleum resources, and reduce CO₂ emissions.

JEPLAN Group will continue working towards its Vision to “BRING everyone into circular economy,” collaborating with partners within and outside Japan to unite as a Group and lead the way towards a circular economy.

Photo from the left: JEPLAN, INC. CO-FOUNDER: Mr. Iwamoto, Tobetsu town mayor: Mr. Goto

JEPLAN Group's efforts to promote bottle-to-bottle recycling

The JEPLAN Group is promoting bottle-to-bottle recycling initiatives in cooperation with various communities throughout Japan. The JEPLAN Group is currently working with 27 municipalities on bottle-to-bottle recycling to achieve a society in which objects that have reached the end of their useful lives do not become garbage but are recycled as valuable resources.


Tobetsu Town, Hokkaido (

Mayor: Masahiro Goto


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