JEPLAN announces capital and business alliance with Osaka Gas

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JEPLAN, INC. (Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao; hereinafter “JEPLAN”) announces that it has entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (President&CEO: Masataka Fujiwara; hereinafter “Osaka Gas”).

Through this alliance, we aim to contribute to the promotion of a circular economy that enables both climate change countermeasures and economic activities, as well as to the realization of a sustainable society.

While technologies to realize a decarbonized society to combat climate change are attracting attention, JEPLAN has proprietary polyethylene terephthalate ("PET") chemical recycling technology that enables recycling of waste PET into raw materials (PET resin) of the same quality as those derived from petroleum, over and over again. Using this proprietary PET chemical recycling technology, we are involved in a wide range of supply chains in cooperation with companies and local governments to develop resource recycling businesses related to "bottle to bottle" (PET bottle to PET bottle) and "clothes to clothes" (polyester fiber to polyester fiber). We operate two own chemical recycling plants in Japan. This has contributed to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as well as the reduction of petroleum resource use, and we are currently working with companies in France and the UAE with a view to global business development.

However, in order to promote the circular economy and realize a sustainable society, it is important to collaborate with companies and local governments in terms of technological development and the creation of mechanisms that utilize existing supply chains.
The alliance aims to create new value by leveraging the respective strengths of the two companies, and will promote the recycling of PET bottles and clothing in the Kansai region by utilizing the Daigas Group's network, in addition to reducing costs and CO2 emissions in the chemical recycling process by utilizing the Daigas Group's energy-related solutions. The Daigas Group will also promote resource recycling of PET bottles and clothing in the Kansai region by utilizing the Daigas Group's network.

The JEPLAN Group will continue to work together with domestic and overseas partners to realize its vision of BRINGing everyone into circular economy, and the entire group will strive to drive the circular economy forward.

Photo: At the time of signing

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (

President and Representative Director: Masataka Fujiwara
Established: April 1897
Main businesses: Production and sale of gas, generation and sale of electricity, etc.
The Daigas Group aims to evolve into an "innovative energy and service company that continues to be chosen beyond time" and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by creating "Mirai-Value," a value that contributes to solving social issues, in cooperation with various stakeholders.

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