JEPLAN/BRING™ , “Open HIVE by BRING” Wins Good Design Award 2023
-The company’s efforts to establish a system to visualize the traceability of apparel products and CO2 emission reductions were highly evaluated.

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JEPLAN, INC. (Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao; hereinafter “JEPLAN”) has received the Good Design Award for 2023 for "Open HIVE by BRING" (hereinafter "Open HIVE"), a system operated by BRING™ that visualizes traceability and CO2 emission reductions for apparel products. Design Award" for the fiscal year 2023.


In recent years, various companies in the fashion industry have been working to collect, reuse, and recycle (reuse and recycle) apparel products. On the other hand, there are many parts of the supply chain of resource circulation, from the reuse and recycling of collected products to their reclamation and sale, that are not clear how they were distributed, both domestically and internationally, and consumers are demanding highly transparent traceability. Open HIVE" is a system that allows consumers to view the supply chain from product reuse after collection and recycling to reclamation and sales anytime, anywhere.

Since 2010, BRING has been working with various brands to collect unwanted clothing and either reuse or recycle them by material. By visualizing this resource recycling initiative through "Open HIVE," consumers can see where their clothing purchases are actually collected, how they are recycled, and when they receive them.

In the future, we also envision opening up services using this system to other companies to enable traceability of various apparel products (collection of clothing as raw materials for products, production of recycled materials, manufacturing, and sales) and visualization of CO2 emission reductions. Through this, not only purchasers of BRING products but all consumers will be able to experience resource recycling, and we aim to promote the circular economy by encouraging consumers' recycling behavior regarding product purchases and cooperation in collections.

The JEPLAN Group will continue to work together with domestic and overseas partners to realize its vision of BRINGing everyone into circular economy, and the entire group will work together to drive the circular economy.


■ Evaluation comments by the Good Design Award jury

Making clothes out of clothes. After such a simple but challenging project, everyone must have been eagerly waiting to see where the company's next action would take them. The company's step-by-step approach toward the social implementation of the circular economy was highly evaluated by the judging panel. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development considers the fashion industry to be the second most polluting industry in the world, and one that faces challenges too great for any one company to solve. However, the company's boldness in taking on this challenge, rather than ignoring it if the problem is too big, is an example that will be very helpful not only to the fashion industry but to the manufacturing industry as a whole in the future.


■ About Good Design Award(

It is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation campaign in Japan, succeeding the "Good Design Product Selection System" (commonly known as the G-Mark System) established by the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1957. It is not merely a competition for the beauty of products, but aims to discover and disseminate designs from various fields around us that enhance the development of industry and the quality of life. As one of the world's largest and most successful design awards, many companies and designers from Japan and abroad participate in the awards, and it is also supported by many people as a movement to spread good design throughout society.
Organizer: Japan Institute of Design Promotion


■ About BRING (

BRING, a brand that implements the "Make Clothes from Clothes®" circular economy in society, collaborates with various apparel brands and other companies to collect used clothes. JEPLAN recycles 100% polyester fiber clothing into BRING Material™, a recycled polyester material, using its proprietary PET chemical recycling technology, BRING Technology™. BRING Technology™, a proprietary PET chemical recycling technology, is used to recycle the material into BRING Material™, a new raw material for clothing and other products.


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