JEPLAN Joins ” Toyota City Connected Society Demonstration Promotion Council”
-Toward the creation of a demonstration model for the sustainable development of society through business uniform recycling “BRING UNIFORM™”.

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JEPLAN, INC. (Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao; hereinafter "JEPLAN") announces that it has joined the "Toyota City Connected Society Demonstration Promotion Council" (hereinafter "the Council"), which is promoted by Toyota City, Aichi prefecture in support of its aims and objectives. By joining the Council, JEPLAN aims to build a demonstration model that will lead to the formation of a more sustainable society by utilizing "BRING UNIFORM™".

Through "BRING UNIFORM™," JEPLAN cooperated with Toyota City in a demonstration project*1 to collect, sort, and recycle business uniforms used by companies in the city according to their materials. In addition, JEPLAN has been promoting resource recycling efforts in cooperation with Toyota City, such as participating in a webinar held by the city to educate people about clothing recycling and the "AND ART LAND" event to communicate the importance of decarbonization toward the realization of a zero-carbon city.

BRING UNIFORM™" recycles collected uniforms according to their materials. Among them, uniforms made of 100% polyester are recycled into 100% fiber-derived recycled polyester resin using JEPLAN's proprietary PET chemical recycling technology to be reborn as new clothing and other products. By joining the council and promoting collaboration with member companies and organizations using the BRING UNIFORM™, JEPLAN aims to build a demonstration model that will lead to the formation of a recycling-oriented society by working as a region to promote resource recycling that transcends industry and business categories.

The JEPLAN Group will continue to promote collaboration with domestic and overseas partners to realize its corporate philosophy of "BRINGing everyone into circular economy," and the entire group will work together to drive the circular economy.

*1: Model demonstration project for the construction of a system to collect used clothing in FY2023 (


About "Toyota City Connected Society Demonstration Promotion Council"

Established in October 2016, the Toyota City Connected Society Verification Promotion Council aims to solve local issues through verification and implementation of advanced technologies such as new energy, AI, and IoT, in collaboration with companies, universities, financial institutions, commerce and industry organizations, and the government that are active in Toyota City, transcending industry boundaries. Currently, 106 organizations are members. The main regional issues are local production for local consumption of resources and energy, coping with a super-aging society, and promotion of traffic safety, and we will promote projects that contribute to our long-term goals.



"BRING UNIFORM" recycles unneeded corporate uniforms into polyester raw materials for clothing and automobile interiors. Among them, uniforms made of 100% polyester fiber are recycled into recycled polyester resin at the Kitakyushu Hibikinada Plant using JEPLAN's proprietary PET chemical recycling technology, BRING Technology™, to be reborn as raw materials for new clothing and other products. JEPLAN's proprietary technology and collection system recycles unwanted uniforms and circulates them in the marketplace.


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