BLANK APPAREL™ is made from recycled polyester, Adopted as an original item for all 9 races of the “OSJ TRAIL RUNNING SERIES 2024” to be held in 7 fields across Japan
-Collect unwanted clothing from participating runners.

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JEPLAN, INC.'s (Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao; hereinafter "JEPLAN") SDGs-supported apparel body, BLANK APPAREL™, has been selected as an original event item for all nine races of the OSJ TRAIL RUNNING SERIES 2024, a trail running series through beautiful nature in seven fields across Japan. OSJ TRAIL RUNNING SERIES 2024, a series of trail running races held in seven fields across Japan. In addition, we will be collecting unwanted clothing from participating runners at the event sites.

The OSJ TRAIL RUNNING SERIES 2024 is a trail running series held at venues in the great outdoors, and in 2024 a total of nine races will be held at seven venues across Japan. In the operation of the event, not only participating runners but also event officials and the entire community are working to reduce the environmental impact from the perspective of protecting the beautiful nature of the trails.

In support of JEPLAN's corporate philosophy of BRINGing everyone into circular economy, JEPLAN will produce and sell original items at each event made of BLANK APPAREL™, a 100% fiber-based recycled polyester material. In addition, each event will also collect unwanted clothing from participating runners. The collected clothing will be reused and recycled according to the materials used, with 100% polyester clothing being recycled into recycled polyester using JEPLAN's proprietary chemical recycling technology, BRING Technology™, and reborn as raw materials for new clothing and other products.

The JEPLAN Group will continue to work together with domestic and overseas partners to realize its corporate philosophy of "BRINGing everyone into circular economy," and the group as a whole will strive to drive the circular economy forward.



Sponsor : Power Sports Ltd.

<Summary of all 9 races>

  • March 23 (Sat.) and 24 (Sun.), 2024 / "OSJ Shinshiro Trail 32K & Double 64K" / Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan
  • May 25 (Sat.) and 26 (Sun.), 2024 / "OSJ Oku Kuji Trail / Ohko Town, Kuji County, Ibaraki Prefecture and Hitachiota City
  • July 13(Sat.) and July 14(Sun.), 2024 / "OSJ ONTAKE100" / Otaki Village, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture
  • September 7 (Sat.) and 8 (Sun.), 2024 / "OSJ Adatara-yama Trail 10K/50K" / Takeonsen, Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
  • September 22 (Sun.) and 23 (Mon.), 2024 / "OSJ ONTAKE50" / Otaki-mura, Kiso-gun, Nagano, Japan
  • Oct. 12 (Sat.) - 14 (Mon.), 2024 / "OSJ KOUMI100" / Lake Matsubara - Inakoyu area, Koumi Town, Nagano Prefecture
  • November 2 (Sat.) - 4 (Mon.), 2024 / "OSJ KAMI100" / Kami Town, Mikata-gun, Hyogo Prefecture

<Details of collaboration with OSJ TRAIL RUNNING SERIES 2024>

  • Collection of unwanted clothing from runners at all 9 race sites
  • BLANK APPAREL™ body used and sold as an original convention item

Original T-shirt for Shinshiro Tournament Price: ¥3,800 (tax included)
*Sales will begin at the official website at the start of each tournament.


Making polyester sustainable. BRING Material™, a recycled polyester made from mill waste and used clothing, is used as part of the material for apparel, uniforms, merchandise, and novelty prints. BRING™ collection platform.

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