BLANK APPAREL™, which uses recycled polyester as part of its raw materials,
The T-shirts were used as the campus for the artwork in the “Setouchi T-shirt Art Exhibition 2024”.
-Applications are now being accepted for T-shirt artwork to be displayed on the beaches and castle grounds in the Setouchi area. –

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JEPLAN's (Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao; hereinafter "JEPLAN") sustainable printable brand "BLANK APPAREL™" has been selected as the t-shirt for the campus of the "Setouchi T-shirt Art Exhibition 2024" to be held in the Setouchi area from September 2024. Applications for the T-shirt artwork to be displayed in the exhibition will be accepted from Wednesday, May 1, 2024, through Saturday, August 31, 2024.


The "Setouchi T-Shirt Art Exhibition 2024" will print pictures and photos submitted from all over Japan on T-shirts and exhibit them. Using a blank T-shirt as a campus, participants are invited to create their own works of art based on their own sensibilities. The T-shirts printed with the participants' artwork will be exhibited at three locations in the Setouchi area starting in September 2024. During the exhibition, the best works will be voted for by visiting galleries, and after the exhibition, the T-shirts will be delivered to the applicants.

The exhibition is making efforts to achieve the goals of the SDGs, including the use of environmentally friendly T-shirts, and we are pleased to announce that the "BLANK APPAREL™" T-shirt body, which uses 100% fiber-based recycled polyester as part of the material, has been adopted as one of the T-shirts that will serve as the canvas for the artwork. The body of the t-shirt is made of 100% fiber-derived recycled polyester. Visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to collect their unwanted clothing at each venue during the exhibition period. The collected clothing will be reused or recycled by material. Of these, clothing made of 100% polyester fiber is recycled into recycled polyester material using our proprietary PET chemical recycling technology to be reborn as raw materials for new clothing and other products.

The JEPLAN Group will continue to promote collaboration with domestic and overseas partners to realize its corporate philosophy of "making everything go round," and the entire group will work together to drive the Circular Economy.


About "Setouchi T-shirt Art Exhibition 2024" (

  • Organized by Setouchi T-shirt Art Exhibition
  • Dates/Venues
    ・ September 14 (Sat.), 15 (Sun.), 16 (Mon.), 2024 / Futami Seaside Park "Roadside Station Futami“
    ・ September 21 (Sat.), 22 (Sun.), 23 (Mon.), 2024 / Baishinji Beach
    ・ September 28 (Sat.) & 29 (Sun.), 2024 / Horinouchi Park (within the Ehime kenminsai Emon Festival)

<How to participate> *For details, please check the application form.

  • Application period: May 1(Wed.), 2024 - August 31(Sat.), 2024
  • Participation fee: 4,500JPY and over (You can choose from three types of T-shirts : cotton touch recycled polyester  <BLANK APPAREL™>, cotton, and organic cotton)
  • How to apply: Applications for artwork will be accepted via application form or application form (

<Collaborative efforts between "Setouchi T-Shirt Art Exhibition 2024" and JEPLAN>

  • “BLANK APPAREL™" body is used for one of the T-shirts that will serve as the campus for the artwork.
  • Collection of unwanted clothing from visitors during the exhibition



BLANK APPAREL is developing printable bodies using “BRING Material™”, a sustainable recycled polyester resin, as part of its materials, and is developing items such as T-shirts and eco bags. We also cooperate with various events and sporting events to produce original T-shirts and novelties. We also cooperate with clothing collection efforts at venues.


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