Tuesday December 10th, 2013

J-NET 21: Manufacturing Forest (“Technology for Extracting Bioethanol from Cotton Fiber in Used Clothes)

Net 21 [Small Business Business Support Site] | Forest of Monodzukuri
"Technology to produce bioethanol from cotton fiber of old clothes" was released.
Further information at:

Thursday October 17th, 2013

Information on PLA PLUS PROJECT Number 3 in 2013

[Turn plastic into a plus for our earth]
We will organize the 3rd PLA PLUS PROJECT in cooperation with the ministry of environment. In year 2011, only 20 companies cooperated with us, last year there were 32 companies, and this year there will be even 45 companies who will help organize this event. For further information, please click on the link below:
平成25年度 第3回 PLA-PLUS プロジェクトのお知らせ “プラスチック製品の回収・リサイクル実証社会実験“

■ Information on 3rd PLA-PLUS project 2013■
Date: Friday, November 15, 2013 to Saturday, March 15, 2013 (Saturday) ※ During this period, the collection points will be open adjusted to the opening hours of the shops Collection target: plastic products such as stationery and toys Procedure: Bring your plastic items you want to recycle to the collection box installed inside the shop or store. Participating companies: (Total: 46 companies) Recovery companies 22 companies: Comprehensive Super 5 companies such as Aeon, Seven & Eye Group, 8 biggest consumer electronics retailers such as EDION, BIC camera and Yamada Electric, Starbucks Coffee, Toys' R Us, MUJI 9 specialty shops such as, etc., 24 support companies.

■ PLA-PLUS Project Website ■
Official website: http://plaplus-project.jp/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/plaplus.project

Friday October 4th, 2013

Article: “Ethanol out of old clothing” published in Nikkei Business Newspaper

Nikkei Business Newspaper published an article entitled “Ethanol out of old clothing” in the edition of the 30th September, it can be found on the second page.
The article informs about the way of collection and the methods we are using in our recycling factories.
Furthermore, our company was said to be an upcoming venture company with much potential.

Monday August 26th, 2013

Participation at “Innovation Japan 2013”

We will take part at “Innovation Japan 2013”, organized by the companies JST and NEDO.
If you are at Tokyo Big Sight, you are welcomed to visit us.

◆ Innovation · Japan 2013 ~ university fair and business matching ~
Period: Thursday, August 29 th - 20 th August - 30 th (Fri)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) West 1 Hall
Admission: Free
Organized by: Japan Science and Technology Agency, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Co-organizer: MEXT, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Cabinet Office
Special sponsorship: Nomura Securities

Tuesday June 25th, 2013

Our CEO held a speech at Osaka Prefectural Imamiya Senior High School

Takao Masaki, CEO of JEPLAN held a speech at the Osaka Prefactural Imamiya Senior High School.
Presentation title: Ask professionals

Date: May 30, 2013 (day of zero garbage)

Wednesday May 15th, 2013

Keynote announcement

Our representative director and president Michihiko Iwamoto will represent our company at “Energy selection era! Aiming for a society in which the environment and the economy circle virtually". Everyone with an invitation is welcome.
By clicking on this link, you can apply for the event:


Date: 17th May(Fri) Access at 18:30, Start at 19:00 and closing around 21:00 ※ Admission free
Place: 8th floor large hall of Kyoraan (Shinagawa district hall, Shinagawa-ku Higashii-Oi 5-18-1 Oimacho station)
Organized by: Tokyo Youth Council
Main manager: Public interest corporation Tokyo Youth conference center Environment policy policy special committee
Sponsor: Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Soka Keizai Shimbun Fuji Sankei Business Eye Co., Ltd. Altana “let’s use our rest resources wisely”
Lecture title: Challenge for recycling business to open up on the network
Date and time: 13th March 2013
Venue: Iino Hall & Conference Center

Tuesday March 26th, 2013

JEPLAN was at the 1st Symposium of ‘Useful Resource Project’

Michihiko Iwamoto represented our company and explained our business the at the 1st Symposium of "Useful Resource Project"
Topic of speech: challenges in the recycling business which can be solved by networking
Date: 13th March 2013
Venue: Iino Hall & Conference Center

Thursday March 21st, 2013

Lecture at the OMIYA KORYO high school

Masaki Takao, our CEO has given a lecture at the OMIYA KORYO high school in Saitama.
He presented our vision and explained how we will archive this. In addition, he pointed also out what consumers can do to support our environment, especially by recycling.

Monday March 11th, 2013

PLA PLUS PROJECT presented in “Monthly the Waste” magazine

The PLA PLUS PROJECT was presented in the march edition of "Monthly the Waste" magazine.

Monday March 11th, 2013

PLA PLUS project presented in the magazine “食品包装”

Our PLA PLUS Project was presented in the February edition of the magazine "食品包装" (translated "Food packaging).
The magazine usually writes about the packaging and the marketing of certain products relating in the whole world.

Tuesday February 12th, 2013

PLA PLUS Project was presented at FUJISANKEI Business Magazine

The work of our most important project was presented on 11th of February at the SankeiBiz wbesite.

Friday February 1st, 2013

Yomiuri Newspaper releases article about PLA PLUS Project

The PLA PLUS Project, where we used the recycling envelopes was presented at Yomiuri Newspaper of 28th January edition.
More information about recycling by the recovery envelopes can be found here:

Friday February 1st, 2013

FUKU-FUKU Project was presented in Nikkei Newspaper / Nikkei Business Newspaper

, The FUKU-FUKU Project and it's recycling program was presented at the Nikkei Newspaper and the Nikkei Business Newspaper on the edition of the 31th January.
For further information on the recycling program or the recovery bags, click on the link below:

Friday January 18th, 2013

Takisada company will start selling recycled cotton towels: “Meguru Towel”

The company Takisada is going to produce new towels by recycling old ones.
The towels are very popular for small gifts for family or friends, especially because the prefecture Aichi is very famous for their high quality towels. It is a very useful item which we use every day, so you can't have enough.

As "Meguru towel" is part of the Imabari Cotton recycling project, they recycle in cooperation with us their old cotton to turn it into bioethanol, which is then used for energy for towel production.

Tuesday January 15th, 2013

Organizaton of PLA PLUS Project in 2013

JEPLAN(located in Chioda-ku, Prefecture of Tokyo; Representative director: Michihiko Iwamoto) is going to organize the next PLA PLUS Project, in order to achieve a circular economy and a good recycling infrastructure in the future.
Last year, there were 6 companies who supported the Event (ASKUL Corporation, JNI Co., Ltd., STARBUCKS COFFEE JAPAN CO., LTD., TAKARATOMY GROUP, TAKARI CORPORATION, Rakuichi Cooper Co., Ltd.) but this year, there will be additional companies (Aeon Co., Ltd., Izumiya Co., Ltd., Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., Daiei Inc., Fuji Corporation, Uni Corporation, Brother Industry Co., Ltd. / Brother Sales Co., Ltd., Canon Inc. / Canon Marketing Japan Co., Ltd., Dell Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation / Brother Sales Co., Ltd.) which will help to organize the whole project. We are very grateful and want to thank everyone who is supporting us.


PLA-PLUS Newsrelease(PDFダウンロード
PLA-PLUS Project website http://plaplus-project.jp/

Thursday January 10th, 2013

Participation at FUKU-FUKU Project is possible now with help of recovery/recycling envelope

You can now participate at our FUKU-FUKU Project by using our newly introduced recycling envelope. If you order for example a clothing item at one of the websites listed below, you will find a recovery bag/envelope besides your ordered item. You can then put your old and unwanted clothing in it and send them back. After that, we will recycle them responsibly and turn them into something new which can be given back to society. For further information on our new recycling envelope, check out the FUKU-FUKU project website.

FUKU-FUKU project recycling envelope participating net shops:
◯Plateau Main shop http://www.plateau-web.jp/
◯Plateau Rakuten http://www.rakuten.co.jp/plateau-web/
◯Plateau Yahoo http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/plateau-web/
◯Pattern Order Skilta http://www.skyrta.jp/