Monday December 12th, 2016

Announcement of BRING PLA PLUS Project including the collection and recycling of plastic materials

JEPLAN (Tokyo, Chioda-ku, Kasumigaseki, President and director: Masaki Takao) will cooperate with the ministry of environment to implement our main project, the BRING PLA PLUS Project in order to make a further step to the future without waste. The project will start December 12th, 2016 and ends March 5th, 2017.※1

The campaign, which is taking place the 6th time is a good example for efficient collection and recycling. We are planning to increase the number of participating companies this time. Due to the increase of recycling material we are also planning to use special recycling technology which is much more efficient and appropriate for the kind of plastic material. In addition, we will cooperate with much more companies and organizations to optimize this process

【General information BRING PLA-PLUS Project】
・Date and duration: 2016/12/12~2017/3/5
     ※1 The implementation period will be different for each participating store
・Target products: Plastic products/goods such as toys which are no longer used
・How to participate:
1.Collect plastic items that are no longer used
2. Bring the products/materials to the collection points
(BRING collection points can be recognized by the bee character)
3.Put the plastic materials/items into the collection boxes

For further information, click on the link below:
(Only available in Japanese)
日本環境設計リリース)BRING プラプラプロジェクト開催のお知らせ_20161212

Friday December 9th, 2016

Sales of mineral water in recycled PET bottles will start soon

We will start recycling old PET bottles with help of a chemical recycling technology to produce completely new bottles. We are planning to fill them with Mineral water and then selling them as new product.

This project was introduced by our BRING project. The recycled PET bottles contain the completely same material as the PET bottles based on petroleum.

We will use a special designed bottle cap from Mega house INC. which combines fun and utility.

For further information, click on the link below:
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Wednesday December 7th, 2016

Flying BRING project! An important announcement is coming on ECOPURO: A new project where we turn old clothing into jet fuel

Currently JEPLAN is working together with GREEN EARTH INSTITUTE INC. to develop a next generation Jet fuel. We will give a press conference on December 9th together with the company GEI at our booth of Japan’s most important environmental event “Eco Products 2016”.

【Press conference regarding the jet fuel project】
・Date: 2016/12/9(Friday)11:00~11:30 AM (including questioning time)
・location: Tokio Big Site Hall one(1-038)
Overview of Eco Product 2016
Place: Tokyo Big Site, East Hall
Duration: 2016/12/8~2016/12/10 10:00~18:00 (last day 10:00~17:00)

■JEPLAN Exhibition Booth
· Location: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 1 Hall 1-038
· Contents of exhibition: Circular Economy revival product debut from BRING project!
DeLorean who recreated the movie scene will be exhibited! ※ We will also hold a photo session during the term.

For furthr information, click on the link below:
(only available in Japanese)

Friday December 2nd, 2016

The BRING FUKU-FUKU Project will collaborate with Jiyugaoka Shoutengai to start a new project: “The GO! DeLorean Run project”

JEPLAN will organize the “GO! DeLorean Run project, a future with circular economy” in the shopping district Jiyugaoka from 11/28 to 12/4.
We will set up collection points at some shopping malls/shops to collect old and unwanted clothing.

On the last day the 4th of December, we will organize an event at the rotary in front of the train station of the shopping district Jiyugaoka, where the DeLorean will run with Bioethanol fuel made from old cotton clothing.

■“GO! DeLorean Run project, a future with circular economy”
・Date: 11/28(Mon)~12/4(Sun)
・Operation by: Jiyugaoka Shopping Street Promotion Union

■DeLorean boarding sessions:
・Date: 12/4 (Sun) 12:00~18:00 DeLorean running event planned around 16:30
・Location: At the rotary in front of the train station of shopping street Jiyugaoka

For detailed information, click on the link below:
(only available in Japanese)
日本環境設計リリース)自由が丘商店街×BRING FUKU-FUKU プロジェクト_20161202

Monday October 17th, 2016

Implementation of “ECOFF” recycling campaign at 9 stores of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya shopping malls

This summer the FUKU-FUKU project will collaborate again with ECOFF to organize a collection campaign for old clothing, shoes and bags at 9 shopping malls of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya. The collected clothing will be recycled with our technology to produce bioethanol.

■“ECOFF” recycling campaign information
・Collecting goods: clothing, shoes and bags
※(The clothes must be washed before bringing them)
・Not recyclable: Carry cases and suitcases, underwear
・The number of the clothing that can be donated will be limited to 15 pieces a person.
・Implementation Period: October 26th to November 6th (Please refer to the news release for recovery periods at stores and each store)

For details, click the link below:
(Only available in Japanese) 日本環境設計リリース)FUKU-FUKUプロジェクト×大丸・松坂屋エコフリサイクルキャンペーン_20161017

Friday September 2nd, 2016

[“Grab the world” Project 2016] with the Ministry of Economy and Trade will affect our business

As a result of the primary and secondary review, we have decided to adopt our business model in Bangladesh in cooperation with the ministry of economy and trade.
We will optimize our project of E-waste recycling in Bangladesh which is in work since 2014.

■About [“Grab the world” project 2016]
The project which is subsidized by the METI, includes establishing small and medium scale Japanese companies in emerging countries, which develop their products and services abroad to help solve local social problems.
■About adopted "Bangladesh E-waste Recycling Project"
The Bangladesh “E-waste Recycling Project” was first established in 2014, with the aim to commercialize the E-waste recycling business occurring in Bangladesh. In general, it was a promotion for expansion of the recycling business and it is also a publicly recruited project.

For further information, click the link below:
(Only available in Japanese)

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016

Information on results of 5th PLA-PLUS Project 2016

Our company JEPLAN implemented the PLA-PLUS Project in cooperation with the ministry of Environment from February 14th to March 14th this year.
In this project we tried to recycle as much plastic products/materials as possible, which are normally incinerated or landfilled. Since 2011 we are collecting household goods and toys in Supermarkets and other commercial facilities.
In our 5th project, we cooperated with 1,728 companies and were able to collect more than 1.3 tons of plastic. After we checked the possibility of recycling, we used different technologies to make new plastic products.
For further information, click on the link below:
(Only available in Japanese)

Thursday July 28th, 2016

Collection campaign with 8 stores of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya shopping mall in collabo with ECOFF will start soon!

We will organize a collection event in collabo with Daimarumatsuzaya-hyakaten and we will call it ECOFF campaign. Collection items are old clothing and Shoes. The collected items will be transported to our factory and then processed to bioethanol and coke.

■「ECOFF campaign information
・Recyclable items: clothing items, shoes (ladies / gentlemen / children)
※Please make sure the items are washed before bringing them
・Not recyclable: underwear, bags
・Donation limit: Every person can donate up to 5 pieces of clothing and 5 pairs of shoes so a total of 10 pieces
・date: 8/3~8/31(Collection period can vary so make sure to check the news release)

Further information on this campaign can be found at:
(Only available in Japanese)

Thursday July 21st, 2016

“GEO x [Heros Reborn]” campaign in collabo with three companies from 7/22 to 9/15

JEPLAN will join BRING to collect old DVDs, Blueray discs, CDs and Game discs. You can win many great prizes!

To celebrate the new release of overseas drama "HEROES REBORN / Heroes · Reborn" on DVD and Blu-Ray in July 22th, JEPLAN Co., Ltd. collaborated with NBC Universal Entertainment and Composite Media Shop Geo.
We will organize campaigns at all GEO stores where you can bring your old CDs, DVDs and Game disc. If you do this, you have a great chance of winning many awesome prizes which can be seen in our catalog [FUKU FUKU collection]

■Campaign information
・Date: July 22 (Fri) 2016 to 15 September 2016 (Thursday))
1. Put Hashtag with “#GEOHEROSREBORN” to the Messege/picture of the item you want to recycle and upload via Twitter.
2. 200 of the participating people will get an original “HEROS REBORN” bag for free
3. Put the CDs, DVDs and Game discs which are no longer needed into the collection boxes inside the GEO stores and let the resources in them “reborn” (recycled).
※Collection boxes will be placed at 250 GEO stores,please search for the nearest store at the campaign website
※For further information, click on the link to get to the campaign website:
Campaign website

You can also take a look at our NEWS list (Only available in Japanese):

Wednesday July 6th, 2016

We will manufacture medals out of gold extracted from old mobile phones

Currently, JEPLAN is collecting old mobile phones in 43 kindergartens around japan, to extract precious metals like gold, copper and aluminum. We are going to manufacture gold metals out of the collected gold. There will be some events at the kindergartens too, where we present the manufactured metals and simply explain the process of recycling. In addition, there will be various schools, nursery schools and other educational institutions, which will participate at this project. The aim is to convince more and more people to take part at the recycling culture/system, to realize a “Circular Economy” If you want to take part at an event, please click on the link below and fill out the form:

■Event information:
●Implementation period : Wednesday, July 6, 2016 ~ Friday, March 31, 2017
          ※The event dates will varify, so please check out the schedule.
●Kindergartens with collection points: 43 kindergartens around japan, we will gradually visit the collection points
●Steps of the project: 1. The distribution of collection envelopes at the different kindergartens
2. Put the old mobile phones into the envelope
3. Put the envelope into the collection boxes placed at the kindergartens
4. Precious metals will be recycled
5. These metals will be used to manufacture medals
6. The medals will be donated to the kindergartens who participated
7. In the future, we will carry out the collection events at a regular basis
(● Attention: To ensure safety, only the kindergartners, parents and stakeholders can participate in this event)

Further information can be found at this news release (Only available in Japanese):
Additional sheet:
Participation form:

Thursday May 26th, 2016

Let’s collect and manufacture sportswear together. Let’s turn old unwanted clothing into new sportswear! On May 29. (Sun) at the Fronters Baseball home game, we will organize an event, where the DeLorean will drive with bio ethanol based fuel, made out of old clothing

JEPLAN is planning to implement a project named “The action and legacy to Collect together and manufacture together”. This project includes the collection and recycling of old and unwanted clothing in order to produce new sportswear. As part of this action and legacy, we will organize an event at the Fronters Game on May 29, where we show off the DeLorean and let him drive at the Front Park outside the stadium with ethanol based fuel made out of recycled clothing. The running event will be starting at the Halftime of the game.

Looking forward to 2020, the aim of this event is to promote and realize the vision of the Circular Economy, a system where we recycle materials which are no longer needed with our technology and then distribute it back to the world.

■「F Circuit in equal power」
・Date and duration: May 29th (Sun) 15:30~18:30
・Location:Equal Force Athletic Field Stadium Outside Plaza「Frontpark」
・Photo shooting time DeLorean :①15:30 ②16:00 ③16:30 ④17:00 ⑤17:30 ⑥18:00
※If you want to take part at the photo shoot, please inform yourself at the website of Kawasaki Frontpark

Kawasaki Frontpark [F circuit in equal power]

For further information, click on the link below: (Only available in Japanese)

Friday April 15th, 2016

Introduction of the [DMIC E-waste resource recycling program] in Japan by importing electronic devices from India

JEPLAN has chosen the [Resources utilization project] out of the 19 other projects to develop and optimize.The different development projects were decided together with the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
We are planning to transport electronic waste from Gujarat state in India to Japan in order to recycle it in an optimized system.

For details, click on the link below (Only available in Japanese):日本環境設計リリース)DMIC資源再利用事業について_20160415

Thursday March 24th, 2016

Notice on the change of Representative Director

As announced on March 24, 2016, I am pleased to announce the following personnel decision as representative director:
Michihiko Iwamoto: Chairman and Co-Founder
Masaki Takao: CEO and Managing Director

Wednesday February 10th, 2016

Representative Director Iwamoto will visit the Hakozaki Campus on Kyushu University for the 30th anniversary of Kyushu Economic Forum

On February 12th(Fr.) and 13th(Sat.), our Representative Director Iwamoto will visit the Hakozaki Campus on Kyushu University. There will be a ceremony for the 30th anniversary of the Kyushu Economic Forum and Iwamoto will hold a keynote speech. Furthermore, the DeLorean will be exhibited on the campus too.

■30th anniversary ceremony of Kyushu Economic Forum
・Location: Kyushu Campus ground
・Main venue: On-Campus Old Faculty of Engineering, Main Course Lecture Room
・Booth: Old Faculty of Engineering, in front of main building
・Date: 2/12 (Fr.) and 2/13 (Sat.)

■Keynote speech:
・Location: Kyushu University Hakozaki Campus, Old Faculty of Engineering, Main Course Lecture Room
・Date: 2/12(Fr.) 13:10~14:10

Kyushu Forum anniversary website:

Friday January 22nd, 2016


As our aim is to establish an circular economy, we will organize our most important project, the PLA PLUS PROJECT which will celebrate its fifth anniversary.
We will organize this project again under the survey of the ministry of environment for developed research in terms of "efficient collection and different types of recycling".
JEPLAN will integrate parts of the recycling infrastructure into the daily lives of customers, so they can easily participate in the recycling project.
In addition, we increased the number of recycling technologies and optimized our working process to be able to recycle plastic and then turn them again into different products. Currently we plan to introduce a new business model using this kind of recycling technology.

The fifth PLA-PLUS PROJECT(first introduced in 2015)
・Date: 2/14 (SUN)~3/14 (MON)
・Collection items: Household items, toys made out of plastic
・How to participate:
1.Collect household items which are no longer needed
2.Take the plastic items to the collection points (Bee character is landmark)
3.Put them into the collection boxes
・participating shops/companies: 42

For further information, please click on the link below (Only available in Japanese):

Friday January 8th, 2016

JEPLAN increased capital by Yen 700 mio. by selling new shares to JAFCO Co Ltd. and Shijo Ltd.

 Representative Director: Michihiko Iwamoto
 Business area: Establish a recycling infrastructure and operate it, support consumers/environment
 Establishment: January, 2007
 Location : Kasumigaseki 3-2-5, Kasumigaseki Bldg. 25F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

■JAFCO Co Ltd.
 Director: Shinichi Toyuki
 Business area: private and equity investment
 Establishment:April, 1973
 Location : Otemachi First Square, West Tower 11F, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

■Shijo Ltd.
 Representative Director: Nobu Tamura
 Business area:private and equity investment
 Establishment:December, 2013
 Location:Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 5-8-41

For further information, click on the link below (Only available in Japanese):