JEPLAN and NEDO signed a contract with JEPLAN to conduct a study on an international demonstration project for PET chemical recycling technology.
-Conducted a study to promote the establishment of a recycling supply chain in the UAE.

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JEPLAN, INC. (hereinafter “JEPLAN”) has been selected to conduct a feasibility study (hereinafter “Study”) for the “International Demonstration Project for Japanese Technologies Contributing to Decarbonization and Energy Transition” (hereinafter “Project”), which NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) has publicly solicited. Under the Project, JEPLAN concluded a contract with NEDO in December 2023 to conduct a feasibility study on the establishment of a recycling supply chain in the United Arab Emirates (hereinafter "UAE") using its proprietary PET (polyethylene terephthalate) chemical recycling technology.

PET REFINE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (PRT), a JEPLAN Group company, contributes to "bottle-to-bottle" resource recycling by providing recycled PET resin through the stable operation of a chemical recycling plant for PET bottles on a commercial basis, which is rare in the world. This contributes to the reduction of new underground resource use and CO2 emissions.

JEPLAN is promoting business development and technology licensing utilizing this proprietary technology not only in Japan but also overseas. Overseas, there exists a wide variety of PET waste with different stains and processing conditions that make it difficult to recycle. If it is possible to recycle this waste back into high-quality PET resin, it will lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions as well as in the use of resources. In this study, we aim to promote the recycling of PET bottles and other materials overseas by utilizing our experience and technology, as well as investigate and study various business environments to demonstrate the feasibility of supplying competitively priced products in the energy supply environment of the UAE. The report will be compiled by March 2024.

The JEPLAN Group will continue to promote collaboration with domestic and overseas partners, and the entire group will work together to drive the circular economy.

See: JEPLAN website "Sustainability":


International Demonstration Project for Japanese Technologies Contributing to Decarbonization and Energy Transition (Study on Compliance with Demonstration Requirements, etc.)" (

This project aims to promote the spread of demonstration technologies through overseas demonstrations of Japan's advanced technologies that contribute to the realization of S+3E (safety, stable supply, economy, and environmental compatibility), and to return the results to Japan through demonstrations in overseas energy markets that are ahead of Japan in terms of systems.



Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao
Established: January 2007

JEPLAN is widely involved in the supply chain and promotes manufacturing using its proprietary PET chemical recycling technology, business development, and deployment of technology licenses, thereby realizing the recycling of limited resources and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
In 2010, JEPLAN began collecting used clothing in stores in collaboration with apparel and other partners, and in 2017 began operating the Kitakyushu Hibikinada Pilot Plant (annual production capacity of 1,000 tons) to produce and sell recycled polyester resin.
In addition, after acquiring PRT (annual production capacity of 22,000 tons, official website:, a commercial plant in Kawasaki, Japan, in 2018, operations will resume in 2021. PRT manufactures and sells recycled PET resin, which is mainly used to make PET bottles, from waste PET bottles and other materials using chemical recycling technology, which has few examples of commercialization in the world. PRT has more than 10 years of experience in plant operation. Taking advantage of this business, the entire JEPLAN Group is engaged in a resource recycling business ("bottle-to-bottle") in which PET bottles are recycled over and over again in cooperation with local governments and companies.


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