JEPLAN and Kao Collaborate to Achieve Horizontal Recycling in Cosmetics Bottle Demonstration Project
-Commenced limited sales of cosmetics bottles made partly from recycled materials recycled with our proprietary technology.-

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JEPLAN, INC.(Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Masaki Takao; hereinafter “JEPLAN”) is collaborating with Kao Corporation(President and CEO: Yoshihiro Hasebe; hereinafter “Kao”) as a recycling partner in the demonstration of horizontal recycling of cosmetics bottles promoted by the company. The used cosmetics plastic bottles collected by Kao are recycled using our proprietary technology, and we are pleased to announce that a product ("TWANY Lotion IIt (Refill)"), in which the recycled material is used as part of the container, will be available in limited quantities from May 30, 2012.

Press release from Kao Corporation regarding this matter:

Kao's goal in horizontal recycling of plastic cosmetic bottles is to recycle collected used cosmetic plastic bottles into recycled materials that can be used again for cosmetic bottles and other containers. JEPLAN has developed a unique process to recycle PET (polyethylene terephthalate), such as used plastic bottles and polyester fibers, by chemically breaking them down and removing impurities, into raw materials of the same quality as petroleum-derived raw materials. This proprietary technology enables us to recycle PET into raw materials of the same quality as petroleum-derived raw materials. Using this proprietary technology, we have been engaged in a demonstration experiment to realize horizontal recycling of cosmetics bottles, which Kao is promoting as a recycling partner.

As the first step of the initiative, recycled PET resin made from used PET bottles produced by JEPLAN Group company PET REFINE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(President and CEO: Daigo Iga) has been used for the bottle containers of the cosmetics brand TWANY since June 2021. It has been confirmed that beautiful containers of the same quality as virgin PET material can be produced. This material is now being used in other cosmetics brands, including KANEBO, LISSAGE, and SOFINA iP, and the use of this material is gradually expanding.

In the second phase, from February to July 2022, we have been collecting cosmetic plastic bottles used by customers at some stores in the Kanto area that sell "TWANY" and have been conducting a demonstration experiment of horizontal recycling using the collected used cosmetic plastic bottles.

And now, we have achieved commercialization of the product by recycling cosmetics bottle containers using used cosmetics plastic bottles collected in 2022. Recycled materials are used as part of the materials for the bottle of "TWANY LOTION IIt (refill)". This product will be available in limited quantities from May 30. JEPLAN has been collaborating in these series of demonstration experiments to realize horizontal recycling of cosmetics bottles as a recycling partner using its proprietary technology.

 The JEPLAN Group will continue to work together with domestic and overseas partners to realize its mission of "bringing everything into circulation," and the entire group will strive to drive the circular economy forward.

■ The process of recycling used cosmetic plastic bottles and turning them back into prestic bottles after collection

Press release for reference

January 27, 2022: Participation as a recycling partner in Kao's demonstration experiment to recycle plastic bottles for cosmetics

Kao Corporation (

President and CEO: Yoshihiro Hasebe

Established: May 1940

Business description: Four consumer product businesses for consumers (Hygiene & Living Care, Health & Beauty Care, Life Care, and Cosmetics) and a chemical business for industry

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