BRING: Making clothes from clothes

BRING is a direct-to-consumer brand through which we recover and recycle unneeded clothing, which is then refabricated into useable products. We provide various apparel brands with BRING Material, the recycled polyester material produced in the BRING value chain, in forms such as PET resin, yarns, fabrics, and clothing.

The global fashion industry discards some 92 million tons of clothing each year (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)*1, most of which is incinerated or buried in landfills. Given that background, the industry is starting to shift to more ethical and sustainable forms of manufacturing. One answer to such initiatives is the BRING value chain, which helps to support everything from its recovery to remanufacturing and sales. By collecting clothing for recycling from customers, we reduce the amount of discarded garbage. Our proprietary chemical recycling technology, BRING Technology chemically decomposes polyester fibers into raw materials, from which we can produce new PET resin, yarns, fabrics, and clothing.

BRING Material, the recycled polyester material used in BRING wear, has the same quality as products newly fabricated from petroleum. Further, this material can be repeatedly recycled to be reborn as new clothing.

BRING products using recycled materials are not simply sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. Its comfort, usability, and drape are all well suited to today’s fashions. They are quick drying after a workout or a wash, and their breathability makes them comfortable to wear. Their comfort and functionality will make you want to wear them every day, both for your busy workweek and active weekends.

In addition to direct sales to consumers, through BRING we are also providing apparel brands with BRING products and BRING Material. We further provide a series of recycling infrastructure processes, from clothing collection to remanufacturing. Various apparel brands are currently collecting clothing at their stores in coordination with BRING and our bee logo, using BRING Material to manufacture original products, and addressing new challenges toward the goal of achieving SDGs. This indicates engagement in a completely new manufacturing process, from collection to recycling to remanufacturing.

BRING and BRING Material go beyond the framework of fiber material recycling to provide a circular system for the next generation. We hope you will join BRING to take on the challenge of realizing new forms of manufacturing.
*1 Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group, Inc., Pulse of the fashion industry 2017

What is BRING clothing recovery?

Each year, 92 million tons of clothing and textile scrap are discarded worldwide (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)—nearly 1.5 million tons in Japan alone—most being incinerated or buried in landfills. BRING is a project that works with the cooperation of consumers to recycle unneeded clothing and textiles. By collecting used clothing at retail stores, we can apply our proprietary technology to convert polyester fibers into recycled polyester raw materials, and then into new clothing. So far, we have collected 3,000 tons of used clothing under the BRING project, equivalent to 15 million T-shirts . By making new clothes from collected clothes, we can reduce amounts of wasted fiber and contribute to the effective use of limited resources.
*1 Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group, Inc., PULSE OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY 2017


BRING is also an initiative in which companies cooperate with each other and with consumers to recycle clothing. We believe that a system that circulates such resources, connecting consumers who want to recycle with manufacturers and businesses that want to recycle, will lead to the creation of a recycling-based society involving many people. This will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) while also creating incentives for customers to visit stores, thereby promoting new consumption. BRING aims to realize a circular economy by involving businesses and consumers to expand the recycling loop, thereby heading toward a society in which recycling unneeded things becomes common sense.

Introduction method

Determine the content of your recycling campaign (implementing stores, articles to be recovered, period, etc.)

Let your customers know about your recycling activities, by producing promotional materials, etc.

After recovery, issue a collection request on our system. We will notify you later of the amount recovered.

The recycling flow

Used clothing collected in the BRING process is first separated into clothing that can still be worn and that which cannot. Clothing that can still be worn is reused; only clothing that is no longer wearable is recycled. Recycling also requires separation into materials and parts, with recycling of wool, cotton, and other non-polyester materials handled by our recycling partners.

The recycling flow