Cookie Policy

JEPLAN, INC. and its subsidiary companies (the “JEPLAN Group”) will collect certain information using cookies and similar technologies for the following purposes.
1) Analysis of the utilization status of users on the relevant websites
2) Provision of services and advertisements tailored more precisely for individual users

This Cookie Policy explains about detailed information about the purposes of use described above and opting out of the acceptance of cookies and similar technologies after users have been instructed about cookies and similar technologies for such purposes of use. Cookies will be handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in addition to this Cookie Policy.

1. Cookies and similar technologies

“Cookies” are small text files that are transmitted to the web browsers of users’ computers or mobile devices (collectively, “Devices”) via the webserver and saved in hard disk drives, etc. of Devices when the user visits the websites.
In general, cookies are roughly categorized into two types: 1st Party Cookies and 3rd Party Cookies.

1.1 1st Party Cookies
A “1st Party Cookie” is established by the JEPLAN Group. In most cases, this Cookie has been established for the use of functions provided on the websites of the JEPLAN Group. If the use of cookies is rejected, the relevant websites may not function properly.

1.2 3rd Party Cookie
A “3rd Party Cookie” is established by a third party with which the JEPLAN Group is affiliated, rather than by the JEPLAN Group itself. For example, some 3rd Party Cookies may be established by an access analysis service provider used by the JEPLAN Group to keep track of user browsing activities.
For such analysis, the following tool may be mainly used, and relevant information may be provided to the tool provider.
(i) Google Analytics
Tool provider: Google Inc.
Google Analytics terms of service
Google Privacy Policy
Information collected through the tool: Status of utilization by users of the relevant websites (e.g., access status, traffic, and routing)
Please confirm “3. Methods of rejection and management of cookies and similar technologies” for treatment of information obtained by the tool provider and methods of ceasing provision of information for such tool provider.

2. Purposes of use of cookies and similar technologies

(1) Use of Cookies for service utilization
Among the aforementioned cookies, the 1st Party Cookies are used to automatically identify the user Devices and to allow users to employ relevant services for continued sessions without the need to repeatedly input the same information themselves when they access the Internet or use specific web services in general.

(2) Use of cookies and similar technologies for analysis, etc. of access status and the like
By using information collected through cookies and similar technologies, the JEPLAN Group may analyze the users’ utilization status (e.g., access status, traffic, and routing) of relevant websites. Such analyzed information may be used by the JEPLAN Group to improve the performance of the relevant websites as well as to reinforce and improve services provided for users through such websites. In such cases, 3rd Party Cookies set by a business operator that analyzes access status, etc. will be employed.

3. Methods of rejection and management of cookies and similar technologies

(1) Method of rejecting all cookies
Users are able to choose whether to consent to the use of cookies at any time. Cookies on Devices remain on such Devices until the relevant users delete them on their own initiative or until a certain validity period expires. Although most browsers automatically set cookies by default, users are able to reject cookies by changing their browser settings; provided, however, that if users do so, some website functions may not be possible to use, or some pages may not be correctly displayed in relation to use of cookie for service utilization.
Please see the following links for information about widely spread and frequently used browsers, treatment of information obtained by use of such browsers, and the method of changing cookie settings.
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox

(2) Method of rejecting specific cookies
Treatment of information obtained by tool providers and the method of ceasing provision of information for tool providers as described in Article 1.2 are described in the following links; provided, however, that that if you delete all relevant cookies (3rd Party Cookies) information, your use of products or services provided by a company or certain companies may be restricted.

Main tool provider: Google Inc.
Privacy policy: Google Privacy Policy
Method of ceasing transmission of information: Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on