BRING everyone into circular economy

This company was founded on a simple idea: “We want to recycle the huge amount of clothing that is being thrown away every day.”

By recycling unneeded items as components for making new things, we can use those materials over and over again. This is true not only for clothing, but also for other items that are no longer useful. Recycling reduces our reliance on petroleum and other mining resources, reduces the energy required for manufacturing processes, and lowers our emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. Recycling is a key part of realizing a sustainable society, a vital issue for the entire world.

Even so, you can’t change society just by saying “Let’s recycle everything!” So what can we do to get more people to consider this problem on a personal level? Well, how about proposing fun recycling initiatives, ones that add joy, dreams, and surprise to our daily lives? For example, we could use unneeded items collected from everyone to recreate a movie scene, thereby sharing with all the challenge of making manufacturing part of a circular, rather than linear, process. They will be more likely to recycle—a first step toward a sustainable society. We believe this will lead to a society in which our children can live in peace, one with reduced conflict over mining resources and a clearer path toward solving the problem of global warming.

We aim at an exciting world—one in which society as a whole works together to put everything back into circulation.