Our activities and results

We are involved in all processes in a cycle by which items from consumers and clients can be recycled and returned as new products.

  1. Collecting items at the start of the recycling loop
  2. Technologies making recycling possible
  3. Refabrication of items using materials resulting from recycling
  4. Knowledge of laws and logistics for realizing recycling
  5. Marketing and planning to promote recycling in a fun way

We also provide consulting and solutions that meet the needs of clients engaged in these activities.

Recycling is a key facet of attaining sustainable development goals (SDGs) and realizing a circular economy. As cutting-edge providers of consulting and solutions for recycling, we provide comprehensive and inclusive support for all processes and initiatives related to recycling activities. In addition to meeting our clients’ needs, we work alongside them to help realize our shared vision of a society in which everything gets put back into circulation.

Consulting Services

Through consulting based on our previous business results and by utilizing our varied knowledge and networks for performing recycling, we are able to provide sustainable business solutions.

  • Market research
    Those who need to collect information, but have little knowledge of the industry
    Those who want to know about initiatives and competitions in countries around the world.
    Overview of services
    We conduct surveys and prepare reports according to our clients’ needs.
  • Establishing recycling strategies
    Those who want to organize their thoughts regarding how to recycle waste from manufacturing processes, excess inventory, or unsold products.
    Overview of services
    Applying market research, we will propose the most suitable recycling strategy for your business.
  • Construction of recycling supply chains
    Those interested in remanufacturing that utilizes waste from manufacturing processes.
    Those wanting to investigate the feasibility of collecting sold products for recycling
    Overview of services
    We can build supply chains that comply with laws and regulations and meet our clients’ needs.
  • Sustainability and SDG marketing
    Those wishing to apply their CSR activities and SDG initiatives to marketing
    Overview of services
    We can propose plans that combine business and marketing topics with SDG and CSR initiatives to create further value.